How your home computer can save the world


Many of us have home computers that remain on but used only a fraction of the day. Imagine how much processing power goes unused each day! What if we could put all the processing power to use, for the human good? In fact, technology already exists to do this and its called Volunteer Computing. Just download a small piece of software and scientists, engineers and other researchers can tap into your compute power for things like simulating protein folding, modeling the spread of infectious diseases, or even searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. In my presentation, I’ll tell the audience how much computing power exists and what society could do if it harnessed that power.

Jeff Martens


Jeff Martens is the co-founder and CEO of CPUsage, a venture backed startup headquartered in Portland. Jeff has more than a dozen years of experience in strategic planning, operations management and financial analysis. Prior to CPUsage, Jeff worked at industry leading companies Nike and Synopsys. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon with a BS in Business Administration. Jeff loves technology, college football, coffee, Startup Weekend, northwest beer, and most importantly, his wife Sabrina.