Presenting on Presenting


Over the last two years of directing Research Club, I have facilitated roughly 100 semi-formal presentations from amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals from fields ranging from toilet design to art to open source software to community development. Having done this in Portland, Seattle, Berlin, and Glasgow, I have recognized some consistent patterns and practices that apply to the nature of standing up in front of a crowd to talk about something you care about when you have more enthusiasm than preparation and more technical knowledge than charisma. I would like to present a meta-presentation that will be a 75%-serious examination of powerpoint culture, the urge to present, and the pitfalls of doing so.

Ním Wunnan

Affiliation Research Club

7 years in antiquarian books; Ba(Hons) in painting from Glasgow School of Art, Scotland; 3 professional years in web development, 7 very unprofessional years; founder of Research Club; internationally exhibited painter