Rewiring your brain to be happier


Neuroscience strongly believes in neuroplasticity—your brain’s ability to substantially physically change in response to learning and experience. We can all use this science to effectively rewire our brains for the better. Solid science has produced actionable findings that give us all guidance on how to be happier. Studies also suggest that happier people are more successful, sociable, resilient, creative, energetic and healthy. Learn the basics of rewiring your brain to be a happier brain in 5 minutes!

Scott Crabtree

Affiliation I have my own startup devoted to helping people get the most from their brains, if that's what you mean!

Scott Crabtree is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of He passionately studies and teaches psychology, neuroscience, and the science of happiness and well-being. Scott Crabtree earned a B.A. in Cognitive Science from Vassar College in 1988. Immediately afterward he worked on artificial intelligence software including expert systems. He started working at the first of several game development companies in 1996. Serving as a Software Engineer, Game Designer, Producer, and Entrepreneur, Scott is proud to have worked on game development with companies including Microsoft, Mattel, Disney, LEGO, Nike and more. He’s published games for PS2, Xbox, PC, and mobile phones including the iPhone. He joined Intel in 2005 as an Engineering Manager focused on video game developers. He also serves as Tech Strategist for the Intel Atom Developer Program.

While happier than he used to be, Scott is NOT one of those over-the-top always bubbly happy people that can be so annoying to the rest of us! :) Scott lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife, young daughter, and mutt. He loves spending time with them, especially in nature, and also enjoys playing with his band Mister Fisk.