Application of Time Management Principles to Catching an Airplane


How much time do you really need at the airport? Ever wonder which security line is actually the fastest? Is it quicker to use the automated ticket machines or walk up to the counter? Elevator of escalator? Most importantly which stand has the best and fastest coffee?

Using proven time managemnt techniques, data from hundreds of airport visits, and anecdotes from airline employees I’ll demonstrate how to navigate PDX efficiently and demosntrate techniques for managing potential travel issues like chatty seatmates, strip searches and being on the no-fly list.

Kevin Murphy


I fly a lot. About once a week. Usually to Seattle, so time is important.

Full Bio: Bio: I’ve worked in technology marketing since the
late 90′s in both the Silicon Valley and the Pacific Northwest. I recently joined CMD as their Director of Digital Strategy. Prior to CMD, I was a Digital Experience Director with Waggener Edstrom. Some of my favorite projects include the launching the first Victoria’s Secret Superbowl Fashion Show on the Web, creating and managing the official
Microsoft corporate blogs (Microsoft on The Issues & The Microsoft Blog, developing one of the first successful product marketing wikis, building a Twitterfall for the Saks Fifth Avenue holiday windows and creating a social media tool to crowdsource new product features.

I live in Southwest Portland with my wife and dog. You can also follow me on Twitter @kevmurphy