Social Bookmarks in the Enterprise: A sideways approach to digital asset management and other annoyances


A lot of people are familiar with, furl, and other social bookmarking technologies available on the web.

By implementing social bookmarking into the enterprise a wide variety of difficult problems become solvable, ranging from very difficult CMS issues such as the classic “why are there so many wikis?” to DAM, to how to handle searches for secure content.

Drilling down even further, some truly amazing capabilities fall out, and I’ll delve into one that’ll make your HR friends squeal with delight.

And finally, I’ll put it all together with a few comments on structured and unstructured search, and OpenSearch (or why Google makes me mad sometimes). But only a few comments because I only get five minutes. Cheers.

Rick Rezinas

Affiliation Nike, Inc. I guess you're asking where I work?

Nearly 10 years experience delivering content for ISPs, ASPs, and a Fortune 500 using a wide variety of platforms and technologies.