Remembering Our Ancestors


Every single human being has genealogical lineages and ancestral bloodlines. For hundreds and thousands of years, the cycles of colonialism and genocide have kept many of us from knowing who we truly are. Remembering Our Ancestors is an engaging and passionate storytelling about reconnecting each one of us to the bloodlines specific to who we are. Dreams, listening to elders, travel to ancestral homelands and being present with the landscape around us is key to recovering our indigenous mind and our tribal indentities. Why is this so important now? Remembering Our Ancestors is a decolonization process that reunites us with the parts of ourself long forgotten. It is a personal, familial, cultural and global healing that reunites us with our human family. This is a story told by a “white”, adopted, single mother living with multiple sclerosis – a philosopher raised Portland, Oregon – who has remembered her 10,0000 year old lineage from Scotland, with the aid of indigenous elders from various tribes from around the world.

Dr. Paula Noel Macfie


I am a fifth-generation Oregonian whose farming ancestors arrived in Oregon during the Famine in Ireland in 1856. I am also Macfie from Colosay, Scotland. As an adopted child, raised in Portland, Oregon – I have spent most of my life as an athlete, academic, dance club kid/raver who received lucid dreams about ancestors, eventually going to graduate school at the California Institute of Integral Studes and studying with indigenous elders and healers to remember and reconnect my own tribal lineages. I received a PhD in Philosophy with a concentration in Recovery of Indigenous Mind. I taught at PSU for two years until my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis did not allow me to continue teaching. I a single mother and a passionately-inspired human being whose purpose it is to share story and educate in remembering ancestral connections for future generations. My specialization is decolonizing the western mind, migrational genealogy, healing indigenous mind and remembering who we are.