How to Give Birth Underwater


Imagine, instead of that scene in Knocked Up with Katherine Heigl, that giving birth to a baby was a peaceful serene experience that happened in the ocean surrounded by dophins swimming lazily by. Okay, no really… we’ve all heard there are birth alternatives, and we’ve heard of women “birthing in water”… but what does that really involve?

In my talk I’ll give you the brief 411 on waterbirthing:
- What is a waterbirth?
- How does one choose waterbirth & why would you want one?
- Why is water birth not available in more hospitals?
- What prevents baby from breathing under water?
- What is the temperature of the water?
- Can I have a water birth at my local hospital?
- How long is baby in the water after the birth?
- How does water function as a natural pain reliever?

C’mon, admit it, you’re curious. There are now more than 90 countries that offer waterbirth in hospitals or birth clinics. Now learn what has been used by Europeans for decades as a natural birth option with inherent pain relief. Waterbirth is felt by mothers and providers alike to be the gentlest of gentle births.

Sarah Nelson


Web geek cum new mom.