Samus: Legend of the Girl Gamer


Are girl gamers real? Is it really a girl behind that girl avatar? What do they play? The answer to all those questions and more is what I will be covering in 5 minutes! Never has someone dared to uncover the truth about this missing link! It will be sharper than the Lockness Monster’s picture, less hairy than Big Foot , and at the end you’ll know that the truth its actually here!

Evelyn Varga


At the age of 3, I said to my father “I want to play a game on your computer”, my father hand me a huge book, point me to the right page and said “Have fun!” I then proceeded to code my 1st computer game on an Apple II . That started my love for video games. When most kids where watching TV, my babysitter was a bag of coins and the local arcade. I’ve been gaming ever since.
I’m currently working towards a career in programming, hopefully ending in the industry that started it all.