Getting truth from here to there: a five-minute crash course in acting


Love ‘em or hate ’em—I’ve done both—actors know how to take meaning and give it throughput. No one is going to become Meryl Streep in 20 slides, but everyone has a story the world would be better for hearing, and learning the best practices of our finest human conduits can help get those messages out to the people who need them most.

Colleen Wainwright


Colleen Wainwright is a writer-talker-layabout who started calling herself “the communicatrix” when she hit three hyphens. She spent 10 years writing ads and another 10 acting in them for cash money. Since deciding she’d blow her brains out if she had to sit through one more meeting about which way the bears danced around the cereal box, she walked away from The Life and set about using her shamefully-won skillz for the powers of good, not evil.