You Won't Find Inches in Cyberspace


Hey camera owners, got digital? Is your notion of resolution is limited to the incantation “300 dots per inch”? But wait! There are no inches in a web browser — or in a digital camera.

Come along on a magical pixelry tour. When you post photos to your blog, you’ll be confident they’ll load fast and look good. When you print pictures to send to the low-tech relatives, you’ll to avoid the jaggies.

Five minutes from now you’ll be well-prepared to deal with image resolution.

Nancy Wirsig McClure


Nancy Wirsig McClure is a creative designer with a geek streak. She loves to explain stuff through various media — a PDX Photoshop user group, infographics design, web site creation…

She was a runner-up in the December 2009 Presentation Karaoke at the Someday Lounge.