Electile Dysfunction: Bringing robust democracy to the masses.


A democracy’s electoral system has a profound effect on the country concerned. While there is no perfect electoral system, each model has its own pros and cons. Invariably, certain populations are favored and others disenfranchised with each system. For these and other more complicated reasons, electoral systems are hard to change once institutionalized.

The issues raised by the US’ 2000 presidential election created enough political momentum for states to review and reform their presidential electoral systems. In the decade since Bush v. Gore what has changed and what still needs to be changed?

Eva Schweber

Affiliation League of Women Voters of Oregon
Website http://www.lwvor.org/MockElection

Eva Schweber has been a goat dairy farmer, facilitator, analyst, CubeSpace‚Äôs co-founder and Chief Cat Herder, policy wonk and fount of obscure information. She is now writing high school civics curriculum and running the League of Women Voters of Oregon’s Mock Election program through November 2010.