Don't get mad, make a video!


Low budget youtube videos are good for more than just cat lovers and exhibitionists. Once you make a simple video to expose something that frustrates you, you’ll find it’s a ton of fun and can actually help relieve stress. For me, when a new technology fails to live up to its hyped promise (which is often) I make a critical video using satire to hit hard. In this presentation, you’ll get tons of ideas how to make your own videos… and—if we’re lucky—some of my alternate personalities (from the videos) will channel through my body and emerge in person! Seriously, creating characters that say things you could never say in real life is a great release.

Phillip Kerman

Affiliation LLC

For the last 15 years I’ve been a successful self-employed programmer. I teach Flash, write books about Flash, and do contract programming. Working in a field of ever-changing technology can fill one with a certain amount of angst—so maybe that’s why I became jaded enough to finally do something about it! I’ve discovered great joy in producing videos that poke fun at any new technology as it becomes popular.