How to stop losing your keys, your place, and your temper


As a therapist, I used mindfulness techniques to help people learn to change maladaptive behaviors and overcome anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and all of the above. Now that I’m back in the corporate world, I’m finding those same techniques are invaluable for increasing concentration, helping memory, and holding back that impulsive comment and eye roll.

In my talk, I’ll cover how to use mindfulness to:

1)focus – screen out extraneous stimuli

2)concentrate – sustain the focus long enough to accomplish something

3)remember – lodge stuff in short term memory in a way that lets you retrieve it later

4)think before you yell – inhibit impulsive reactions that can bite you in the ass later

Alison Greco


I’m a usability analyst turned PsyD-level therapist turned qualitative researcher. I moved to Portland for love and have never felt more at home. I’m also a pie champion (shout out to the Portland Pie Off) and my husband calls me ‘Yo Pieness’ (among other things.)