The Civic Web: An Introduction


The civic web is your neighborhood as a platform. Your neighborhood is where you work, where you raise children, and where you invest time and emotion. Where the social web tries to reinvent and replace real life conversation, the civic web simply tries to augment the systems we already use by encouraging efficient and convenient participation in the happenings of your neighborhood.

This talk will communicate technology’s role in the civic web, and how we can all help to build it.

More specifically, I will also give cursory examples of some civic web oriented projects happening in Portland.,,, et al.

The City of Portland has recently been releasing lots of datasets for developers to utilize. My project, PDXAPI, lets developers esaily access the governments data. I also allow anyone to create new datasets and make web and mobile applications to populate the datasets with wiki style crowdsourced data. For instance, I have been building the Portland Food Cart Finder with Don Park. You can see an example at

I want to encourage local developers to create other applications built on the principles of the civic web. They can utilize publicly accessible government contributed data, or create their own datasets.

Max Ogden


I am a beardy nerdy Portland guy who writes a lot of open source code