We Are All Architects


The life of an architect is full of important decisions: location, shape, size, building materials, proximity to the nearest toilet, etc. And a bad decision could have catastrophic results, from collapsing buildings to hallway fires to wishing you’d brought an extra pair of underpants to work.

But skyscrapers and houses aren’t the only things subject to architecture. To a lesser degree, everything in our lives must be sculpted from a number of options available to us.

From decisions as simple as paper vs plastic to our working environments to the friends we surround ourselves with, I’ll explain why our decisions are as important to our personal lives as the blueprints to a building are to the general public.

Are we all architects? You probably wouldn’t say so. I know real architects wouldn’t. But I say we are, to a certain extent, shaping our lives the way an architect shapes a library or school. And when we feel our decisions are that important, we’ll start making more effective choices.

Clifton B


I’m an information architect. I’m obsessed with interactions between people and technology, and between people and space, and between people and other people. I help make sure websites and applications are built to provide efficient, intuitive experiences and encourage confidence to those who use them.