The Healing Power of Marketing


Understanding the True Purpose of Marketing, and how profoundly heart-based marketing from transformative small businesses can help heal the world.

Main Points:

• The Heart wants love and connection, but the ego wants control and safety.
• Marketing’s purpose is to create safety.
• Safety is created through Empathy, Witnessing, Identity and Hope.
• If transformative, socially-aware businesses learn to create safety with the ego, they can get attention even in a consumer/consumption-based market place- without selling out their integrity or their ideals.

p.s. Adrienne Fritze presented at Ignite Portland and mentioned she was taught by a Sufi spiritual teacher and business coach. She was referring to me.

Mark Silver

Affiliation Heart of Business

Mark is the founder of Heart of Business, and a successful business consultant and healer, who brings an active connection with the Divine to his work. He is the author of Unveiling the Heart of Your Business, How money, marketing and sales can deepen your heart, heal the world, and still add to your bottom line, in addition to other programs and publications.

He has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and non-profits in the areas of marketing, sales, employee management, business mission, and just plain taking care of yourself and your business.

Mark has run a magazine, worked as a paramedic, run a distribution business, been an activist, and worked in the non-profit arena. He has failed horribly in business, and he has succeeded beautifully, each in turn.

Trained at the Jaffe Institute in Organizational and Business Healing, he is a Sufi healer and has been named a master teacher in his lineage. His vision is that in the process of your business becoming profitable and sustainable, that your heart will deepen in knowing its own truth.

Mark publishes an article every week to several thousand readers, and is also a blogger in the business section of the Huffington Post.

He has spoken widely, including presenting at the National Speakers Association international convention in San Diego in 2007, and at the 9th International Conference on Business and Consciousness in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2008.