How To Eat a GMO: Glowing Sushi, Vegetarian Bouillabaisse and Hyper Sweet & Sour Pickles


In this talk I will present three hypothetical recipes that use actual biotechnologies that were created in the lab or have been field tested.

These recipes and the stories behind their ingredients will make the technology of Genetic Engineering much saner or much scarier depending on your point of view.

At the end I will make the case for the Genomic Gastronomer, a DIY BioHacker with an interest in food.

Zack Denfeld

Affiliation Pacific Northwest College Of Art (PNCA)

Zack Denfeld is an artist who has spent the last year researching and making work about the cultural history of biotechnology while splitting time between Bangalore, India and Portlan, OR.

At PNCA he teaches classes like “Art & Science”, “Art History of New Media” and “Material Innovations in the Developing World”.

Also, he likes to cook soups.