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I have to tell you this story in order to tell you the next story.

Once upon a time in sailing class, I heard a story about how we didn’t have really amazing sailboats until we got to figuring out airplanes. So this is a story about physics. It’s about danger and going wrong a whole bunch and figuring things out as they go and it’s a good story, don’t get me wrong.

Where that story ends is where the next story begins, and it’s not about sailboats and airplanes anymore. We’ve got this vast wide new frontier, and all we can really do to make sense of it is to look back and see what made sense then and where we’re going from here.

And to hear the rest of the story, I’ll just have to tell it at Ignite Portland 9.

Amye Scavarda

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Amye Scavarda makes things. She breaks things. And she got a history degree, which makes her decently qualified to tell good stories about things that people wouldn’t necessarily care about.

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