Can TechnoProgress Shrink Portland's Workweek?


They promised us technology would shrink the workweek. It hasn’t. In fact, now it’s longer than in pre-hi-tech days. However, in the past, some places have been able to liberate themselves from drudge labor. How did they do it? Is it something any locality can do? Do enough Portlanders have enough self-esteem to quit working for the economy and have it work for us? Are we as cutting-edge as we claim? Sure, why not? It all begins with a vision, plus an understanding of how to make it happen, then the willingness to make it happen. And it’s got to start somewhere.

Jeffery J. Smith

Affiliation Forum on Geonomics; Society for Ecological Economics

Researcher, writer in both the popular and academic press, and organizer for green economics.