Powered by Banana Peels


Most people are hip to the concept of composting: You take apple cores, banana peels, and leaves, put them all together and poof! Nature recycles the organic material into a nutrient rich soil amendment known as compost.

Welcome to the next frontier of organic recycling: anaerobic digestion. It happens in cows. It happens in landfills. It could soon turn your banana peel into renewable energy (and compost).

This presentation will go over the basics of biogas production through the anaerobic digestion of organic waste.

Meredith Sorensen

Affiliation Harvest Power
Website http://www.harvestpower.com/

I dig trash. I know trash. I love trash. Once upon a time I ran the solid waste and recycling program for PDX Airport. These days I combine my favorite flavor of trash (organic waste) with a hot topic (renewable energy).