Learning to Find Your Real Singing Voice in Less than Five Minutes


Linda and a student will present “The System of Principles, Techniques, and Methodologies” of singing and speech. The synthesis of the contributions of wise and brilliant teachers over four centuries – assembled into cohexive system by the Institute’s founder, Linda Brice. The System is the result of her wanting to know, and is offered to make it easy to sing beautifully.

The talk will cover physics of breath, physiology, scientific measurement of vocal beauty, posture, onset, breath, etc.

Linda Brice

Affiliation Transfrmational Voice Training Insttiute
Website http://transformvoice.com/

Linda has been a passionate and committed teacher of the art of singing and speech for 30 years. Linda’s students sing professionally and avocationally throughout the world, across styles and genres. She is the developer of the breath-based, spiritually grounded system of techniques, methodologies, and principles which form the core of the Transformational Voice Training curriculum, the goal of which is to liberate the Authentic Voice and thus the spirit of the singer or speaker within. Linda is a frequent guest lecturer on vocal technique and spirituality, and has also taught Voice and Diction on the faculties of Oregon State University, Oxnard Community College, and Indiana University-Bloomington. In a prior life, she designed some of the first computer-assisted instruction in music theory while directing an artificial intelligence research project for IBM-Los Angeles Scientific Center. During this time she served as the Founder of the First and Second International Congress on Music and Artificial Intelligence, as well as on the Editorial Board of Journal for Computers and the Humanities. During her corporate days, Linda also founded a speech and accent modification consulting firm, Amerispeak. She taught hundreds of speakers from every walk of life how to discover their authentic voice and to use it fearlessly and effectively, for clients such as 20th Century Insurance, Wells Fargo Bank, Citifinancial, and Continental Airlines. Linda holds a Master’s Degree in Voice Performance from the Indiana University School of Music (where she began her teaching career), pursued a doctorate in Systematic Musicology at UCLA, and holds Certificates in French Language and French Art Song Interpretation from the Institute Internationale d’ete de Nice. A professional classical singer, she is also a lover and advocate of popular music, especially jazz. She is indebted to her many great teachers who showed her the way, especially Gerhard Husch, Virginia Zeani and Reri Grist.