Gigantic (aka Danger!) Jenga for backyard fun


What happens when a bit of nostalgia and awesomeness are combined in a man’s backyard? Gigantic Jenga is what happens. It is both familiar and ridiculous. This talk documents the creation and display of a 6x sized Jenga set for the summer’s first big BBQ. No one was hurt and much fun was had. Don’t listen when the hipsters say they have seen big Jenga sets. This is custom built and starts at roughly 5ft tall. Games easily end up over 10ft and a step ladder is usually required. This game is not for kids.

Jayson Falkner


Jayson grew up in Spokane, WA, moved to Miami, FL, for a degree in Computer Science, moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan, for a PhD in Bioinformatics, and now lives in Portland to be close to family and do biotech work. “What is Bioinformatics?” is good question to make a conversation with Jayson awkward. He’ll get really excited about computers and science and stuff and you’ll get very bored. More recently Jayson has been known to throw some awesome BBQs.