The Skywalker Paradigm: an exercise in propaganda analysis


The Skywalker Paradigm is an analysis of the original trilogy of Star Wars films revealing Darth Vader to be the hero of a largely misinterpreted story. The Jedi are brutal thugs, Jabba the Hutt is royalty, Vader is keeping his son under his own surname and working with his daughter the Princess to defeat the madman in charge of the Death Star, saving the galaxy. With the new trilogy, George Lucas compounds seeming coincidences removing any doubt that Vader is anything other than the dynamic head of a heroic royal family.

Jack Eggers

Affiliation the living god Ammon Ra

Jack Eggers has given The Skywalker Paradigm lecture at PSU, CascadiaCon, several small venues around Portland, on cable access television, and from the driver’s seat of a taxi cab. He is also the living god Ammon Ra