5,000 Games of Solitaire: The "Casual Gaming" Explosion, Internal Narratives, and Pleasure


Millions of people are playing Farmville. Other “time management” titles like Baby Mania or whatever the hell are among the top selling/top played DS titles. So whither gaming, in the sense that the “Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start” crowd think of it? Are we doomed, or merely different? And how do we make “high concept” and “casual” intersect more often?

This talk will dig into the psychology of experience as it pertains to gaming, and talk about the attractiveness of “push the button get a cookie” gaming segment in today’s tumultuous times. Wicked charts and lolz will abound.

J-P Voillequé

Affiliation blue/green
Website http://voilleque.com/

A lawyer of sorts, J-P (@lawduck on Twitter) presented at Ignite Portland 5. Since then he’s had no ideas whatsoever, let alone burning ones. But now he has SOMETHING TO SAY.