Night of Dave Ewalds


Portland is a small business community. However, within our city limits, there lurk two Dave Ewalds. Both are interactive designers. They have never met. Yet I have worked with both. In this thrilling presentation— Night of Dave Ewalds— I wish to reveal the richness of Portland’s Dave Ewald community. Exploring both men’s work, life, dreams and passions, I will find the bridges that bind Portland’s beloved Dave Ewalds, and the unconquerable chasms which divide them both. Finally, in a historic Ignite Portland moment, I will bring both Dave Ewalds on stage, to finally meet.

Hugh Gallagher

Affiliation writer

Hugh Gallagher is a writer and creative in Portland. He has worked for Nike, Microsoft, Cinco Design, and many other brands. As an entertainer, he has performed as Von Von Von ( live at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Hugh is the author of the famous “College Application Essay” satire, plus the novels “Teeth”, and “Lifted”.