Trout aerodynamics and other mysterious combinations


Are you a fan of the human brain? Can skinny arms make you run faster? Have you ever repeated the word Malta because it has a nice roundness to it? Does it give you the chills when you think about how chickens are warm blooded?

These are some of the questions Michael will try to answer for you while filling your head with even more questions.

Michael Buffington


Michael Buffington is an entrepreneur and super geek. He’s been focused on building community and entrepreneur focused companies and projects since 1992, starting with a single line BBS with a 9600 baud modem, followed by companies like, MeasureMap (acquired by Google), Values of N (acquired by Twitter), and Grockit. He’s a frequent speaker at tech and creative conferences. In his spare time, Michael enjoys building Lego robots with his kids, culturing corals in his LED lit reef aquarium, building games, skateboarding, and playing the guitar. He’s also obsessed with improving remote team dynamics with a bias towards extreme programming and agile development.