The Attack of the GIANT the law of supply and demand is killing our daughters and what you can do to stop it.


Recently I was ambushed with the stories and statistics of human trafficking in America. It’s one thing to read numbers on a spread sheet. Its another thing alltogether to sit across the table from a dad who’s kid was taken from him when she was 14. The reality of this in our day is bitter, painful and yields a very real kind of rage in any sane person. I hope to inflict these things on the Ignite audience. But I also want to share some good news about progress being made and suggest ways we can all engage. Oh yeah…Portland is now nationally recognized as a hub for trafficking.

Tomas Perez

Affiliation Shared Hope International

Husband, father, friend. I’ve got three daughters and I keep hearing about human trafficking. I got tired of hearing about it and recently decided to throw down with some people who are doing something constructive.