Nietzsche: Godfather of Post-modernism


Friedrich Nietzsche is the godfather of post-modernism, but this influential philosopher, who died in an insane asylum in 1900 at the age of 55, is often misrepresented and misunderstood, and more commonly just misplaced. (Isn’t he that Nazi? Wasn’t he crazy?) This talk will get at the heart of Nietzsche’s philosophy and dispel some common misperceptions about his writings (such as what he meant by “God is dead” and why his “Will to Power” wasn’t an excuse for fascism and tyranny). Along the way, you’ll learn about the multiplicity of drives that makes “you” less of a unified self and more of a messy parliamentary democracy. You’ll also learn what it means for us when we kill off our gods, how you can be a philosopher and get away with it, and much, much more. I’ll demonstrate all of this with quotes, snazzy art, and incisive, not over-simplified explanations of what Nietzsche was really trying to say and why we should be paying attention to it over a hundred years later. This is Nietzsche at his rock-n-roll best. This will be the five-minute lecture you always wanted from your philosophy professor…


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