What is this "edot" thing, anyway?


Every Day One Thing, or “edot” is a fun and slightly quirky social media byproduct of Start-Up Weekend Seattle that answers the question: Does it really matter? Does it matter if I ride my bike to work today or should I just drive? Should I go back to my car and get my shopping bag out of the trunk? Enter edot—we’re here to show you that it really does matter!

We created a fun, nonprofit social media site for people to check in, tell us the cool things they are doing in their community or for the environment and earn “dots” each time they do. The dots can be turned in for donations to the edotter’s charity of choice.

Give us five minutes and we’ll have you edotting before you know it!

Leah Swindon

Website http://www.everydayonething.org/

In her spare time, Leah is the Founder and Executive Director of Every Day One Thing and lives her passion by helping other people have fun while realizing that all the little things we do add up to make a big difference. For her day job, she’s the Marketing/Communications Director for a rescue mission in Downtown Seattle.