Implications of an infinite multiverse


So I was listening to Radiolab the other day, doing some catch-up, and they had a physicist on that talked about the nature of our universe. He said that we live in an infinite universe, that if I point in any direction (any at all!) and travel sufficiently far, I will find a strange and fantastic new world where the sky is green, the grass is blue, and we all wear shoes on our hands.

This strange world is not just likely to exist – it MUST exist. In an infinite universe all possible combinations of worlds must exist. This concept, as I understand it, represents the most modern thinking on the subject.

In my Ignite speech I will talk about the ramifications of such a universe… and argue against it! And hopefully explode a few brains in the process.

Torgie Madison


Torgie Madison is a web developer living in Southeast Portland. He is passionate about music, art, science and all things nerdy.

He is not an astrophysicist.