Feline Dissociative Disorder, (why your cat is an a**hole and how to get them to stop)


If your housemate pee’d on your mother’s suitcase, you’d get a new housemate, right?
And yet, you can’t bring yourself to kick that cat to the curb.
How about the eating off your plate? Pooping in your shoes?
Not coming when called? That whole one side of the door/other side of the door ridiculousness?
How about leaving you a rat’s butt as a gift? Where does the cat think you’re registered, “rats asses are us”?
Why are cats so damn annoying? Why do I own 3 of them?
I’ll explain how cats think, why their behavior is entirely logical to them, and simple things you can do to make them into model housemates.

Bridget Pilloud

Website http://www.petsaretalking.com/

Bridget Pilloud is a local pet psychic. She deals with animals of all stripes and their pets too. She writes, researches and thinks a lot about pet behavior, and then she tries behavioral techniques on her children and spouse. They really enjoyed the B.F. Skinner box.
She was part of Ignite 6, with “You Can Stop Shitty Little Dog Syndrome”