Making Friends With Your Liver (and Minimizing Drinking-Related Suffering)


The liver is the most amazing, multifunctional, adaptable organ in the body, yet it does not get half the credit it deserves. It’s a hologram! If you cut part of it out, it grows back! Regulates body chemistry! Manages blood sugar! Gets rid of all sorts of waste products! Basically, if you think of all the specific things that the other organs do, the liver does EVERYTHING ELSE.
30-second sojourn into biochemistry – what part of alcohol metabolism is toxic, and how you can minimize it.
How to manage your evening so as to help your body process what you’re drinking.
Nutrients and foods to seek out (and to avoid) and why.
What to do in the morning if all else fails.
And if the time is available, the role of the poor, maligned gall bladder.
As I said before, I do not advocate heavy drinking, nor driving, operating machinery, or making major life decisions under the influence. But I did take an oath to relieve suffering of all forms.

Shannon Brown ND LAc


Shannon Brown ND LAc is a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon with a housecall-only practice. He is an experienced anatomy/physiology teacher and feels very strongly about important subjects that are often glossed over in conventional medical education. Liver? Huge. Adrenal glands? Yep. Functional gastrointestinal testing? Don’t get him started.