Solving the Myster of the Tarot : One Fun Way to Get a Free Drink


The Tarot has been around since the 18th century. The system has been used for the divination of possible future events through a connection to the Holy Spirit, clarification of the mind through introspection and meditation, and hustling people for money with a spiritual bent.

I want to talk about how you can connect the good and valuable parts of Tarot usage with strangers in public. This just so happens to result in drinking for free while doing so. Let’s face it, it’s worth a drink to have someone unravel one of the greatest mysteries out there.

Patrick Dougherty

Affiliation Rockhopper Digital

I’m Patrick.

I’ve traveled pretty much every part of this country, and I love to talk to people. I was a waiter for 10 years, have conducted business meetings, have worked with coordinating and educating volunteers, met numerous strangers as a couchsurfer and as someone interested in meeting people in my digital communities.

Still, I find one of the best ice breakers to be, “Hey, I’m Patrick. Want me to read your Tarot and tell you something about the future?”