Stepping out of the violence culture


Violence is a self-inflicted cultural story, a behavioral disease, and a public health problem of massive proportions. A holistic understanding of repeated cycles of violence and a vision of life without violence can empower an entire culture to recover. The process of returning to health uses outer, transitory goals such as the establishment of a Department of Peace or a City of Peace. Ultimately, it moves us through inner, personal layers of grief and despair into forgiveness, hope, civic responsibility, and true security.

David Hazen

Affiliation Eugene City of Peace, The Peace Alliance

I am a recovering violent person. I have a passion for non-coercive conflict resolution and effective communication, having grown up in an era when physical punishment, bullying, and nuclear bomb threats were the norm.

I have a Master’s degree in systematic design-planning as taught to me by an associate of R. Buckminster Fuller, one of the early holistic thinkers. Now, as the Oregon State Coordinator for the campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace, an amazing systems approach to violence, I have found a vehicle for the expression of my deepest values.