The Big "Buy Lie" and What You Can Do About it


The combination of the Internet and consumer electronics has allowed for an amazing range of ways to get favorite flavor of media fix. Without leaving your chair, you can buy games on your Xbox, buy books for your Kindle, and buy a Movie or a few songs for your iPod Touch.

The thing is, you don’t actually “BUY” any of these. One thing all of these devices and services have in common is that they explicitly state in fine print that you do not OWN anything. And yet they all continue to distort and dilute the meaning of the word ‘buy’ as they shellac it on the surface of the experience

Most people realize this, but hey, as long as its effectively the same thing, who cares? And what’s someone to do? Retreating from modern media and the digital world isn’t appealing, not to mention the fact that it renders one useless at the office water cooler.

In this talk I’ll lay out a few tactics you can use to avoid being a victim of these digital shell games, and even play a role in shaping a more palatable future

Kim Pallister


Kim both works and plays in the games industry, having spent time at several of the large mega-corporations in the pacific northwest. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, but much prefers speaking on his own behalf where he can take the seatbelts off tell it like it really is. He blogs at occasionally publishes thoughts elsewhere in both photon and posthumous tree form.