Digital Demography


As reality for the World’s 1.8 billion Internet users becomes increasingly entangled with technology, a major shift is occurring in many fundamental behaviors. Digital Demography is the study of these changes and how they are affecting humanity today and in the future. Understanding both the what and how leads Digital Demographers to the most important question, “Why?”

For the purposes of Ignite Portland, I will address each of the 3 major points.

1. What Digital Demography is.
2. What the behavioral changes are and how they are and will affect humanity.
3. Why these changes are significant and important to humanity’s evolution.

Appreciating that each presenter has a very limited amount of time, I will spend most of my allotment on the “What” and “How” of Digital Demography.

The goal of this presentation is simple yet significant, to bring an emerging field of academic study into the light of public discourse. It is my hope to represent the thousands of Digital Demographers from across the planet in 5 minutes and with 20 slides.

Bret Bernhoft


Bret admires Winston Churchill’s pioneering spirit and go-getter mentality; toiling to overcome barriers to really earn his place in the world. And Bret embodies those qualities; a brazen leader, outspoken, a Captain Crunch eatin’ go-go Power Ranger.

Bret prides himself on being Generation Y to the bone. He came of age during the introduction of the Internet, back in the days of fingerboards and Pogs. He considers himself fully prepped for InsYght and the needs of his clients. Bret makes it his business to know and understand his generation, inside and out.

Appreciating that stereotypes don’t work in today’s world, and that diversity is reality, he firmly believes in three things: client satisfaction, quality work, and that there is not just one answer to approaching Generation Y, there is only the right insight.

Bret studied at Portland State University, and sits on the Community Advisory board for Oregon Public Broadcasting, as well as on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Association. He hosts a number of radio shows on KPSU, and was a 2009 RYLA participant.

A Portland native, Bret has been blessed with the privilege of experiencing and studying the great diversity of Generation Y communities in action. In his free time, Bret enjoys kickball, live music, photography, reading, biking, camping and enjoying the great Northwest.