Ai Chi & Watsu - water fun, play & meditation


Would enjoy talking about my continued experience and growth with Ai Chi and Watsu and how these aquatic therapy practices are an excellent way for people to experience a unique and gentle expansion of both body and mind.
AI CHI is a meditative movement exercise developed by Jun Kunno a Tai Chi master. He used his mastery of Tai Chi to create a water based Ai Chi after being inspired by the movements of Watsu practitioners. Often described as yoga in water, the emphasis on core movement and the breath can be experienced deeply with the buoyant support of the water.
WATSU is a form of Aquatic Bodywork started by Harold Dull in 1980. Short for Water Shiatsu, Watsu is a warm water massage where a person receives gentle stretches and moves while floated and supported by a practitioner. The weightless sensation has been described as flying, womb-like, and just plain fun. Watsu is unique from other massage modalities which are solely based on touch. When in the water, the exchange of support and trust between the giver and receiver provides a relaxed meditative environment. Combined with the therapeutic benefits of warm water and the greater freedom of movement it encourages, Watsu is a modality that can provide a multi-layered mind-body experience.

Marcus Miller


Marcus Miller is project engineer, writer, video editor, Watsu practitioner and teaches part-time a meditative water movement exercise called Ai Chi.