The Machines are Watching us and it’s a Good Thing


This is the Ignite Proposal that I submitted. –

I will dig into how the UI as we know is about to change forever. With the mass market release of new camera’s that can see in 3D. In other words imagine a web camera that can see depth without all those little white dots. Now this may not seem like such revolutionary news but just listen to some of the things this allows.

  • Control applications using hand gesture
  • Control games using any intuitive body gesture
  • Combine personal 3D image in the game scene
  • Playing sports games and actually be engaged in physical exercise
  • Using hands gestures in order to cast a spell, fire a fireball, pick up objects or any other gaming activity previously required a pointing device such as a mouse
  • Participate in fighting games by actually kicking and punching your opponents with your hands and legs
  • Get into shape: an aerobics virtual trainer can monitor your actual pace and analyze the way you perform exercises in order to deliver a truly interactive and effective training experience
  • A virtual golf trainer can actually analyze your swings and interactively provide improvement instructions and advices
  • Conference from home, but look as if you are in the office or at the beach
  • Locate your presentation slides behind you, so that you can point at a graph etc.
  • Immerse yourself in video clips, films or games
  • Replace mouse and keyboard
  • Control home appliances using hand gestures
  • Real-time face tracking
  • Tracked person separation from background
  • Face detection independent of light conditions and face direction
  • Triggering safe deployment of airbags
  • Driver fatigue detection
  • Warning drivers about potential collisions
  • 3D vision for robots
  • 3D vision for the blind and in-body operations

Are you having Minority Report flashbacks yet? It’s time to get PDX in the know and Ignite the mental energy of this amazing community creating the new stories, software, solutions and possibilities of this coming shift in how we interact with our machines and each other.

John Anthony Hartman


John Anthony Hartman is an adjunct professor at Portland State University teaching social media marketing. He has been blazing trails in the new media space for years and has worked with clients included Intel, HP, Toyota, Cricket and many others. He has also worked with NASA, The Environmental Literacy Council, Earth 911, Cosmos Studios, The Jane Goodall Institute and a litany of universities and educators while helping to construct the Digital Universe.