How to Hit Writer's Block in the Face with a Shovel


What size shovel should one get to beat writer’s block?
Can you get a discount if writer’s block turns into writers’ block?

I will take you on a journey through strange, elaborate and mundane techniques that can be used to GET THE WORDS ON THE PAGE. Write that paper, finish that blog post, hammer out that short story or pull yourself over the broken glass of that novel.

BYO shovel

Liz Argall

Affiliation Writer

Liz decided she wanted to be a writer when she was seven years old… the decision and the excitement around the decision was a way to procrastinate about the dreary assignment she had to write.

She’s a creator of poetry, prose, comics, and song. Her work has been published in a range of journals and anthologies including The Pedestal, Meanjin, The Girls Guide to Guy Stuff, and Eat Comics. She is a graduate of the prestigious Clarion Writers Workshop ( and once upon a time she wrote a musical. Liz moved from Canberra, Australia to Portland, Oregon in 2009 and adores creating and working in two countries. She thinks words matter and believes in the future.