Cup Noodle: Innovation, Inspiration and Manga


Faced with an shrinking food market and competitors copying its innovative Ramen product, Nissin Foods faced a financial crisis. In the face of this crisis, Momofuku Andou saw opportunity in a product that didn’t exist in a country (America) that didn’t know it needed it.

His vision: Japanese noodles that could be ready to eat in three minutes anywhere.

Finding a way to accomplish this vision involved inventing entirely new food processing techniques and caused one developer to lose 12 kilos of weight during the process.

The end result is was a revolutionary product, a staple of grocery stores everywhere, a essential part of disaster relief efforts worldwide, and the greatest Japanese business story ever told.

This presentation will feature artwork from the Eisner-award nominated Project X Challenger: Cup Noodle manga book.

Jason Grigsby

Affiliation Cloud Four

My background includes a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Political Science. Despite my educational background, I have been a computer geek since childhood. My parents bought my first computer, a Commodore 64, in the fourth grade and my first modem in the fifth grade.

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