Video Production on the Cheap


At Portland Ignite 3, I encouraged everyone to make videos as a way to release anger (see ). But I failed to show you HOW. In this presentation I’ll give you tangible ideas and real-world examples of producing effective videos—with practically no money. And my point is not that quality equipment has come down in price, rather I’ll show you that when you focus on a great message, timing, and perhaps some humor or just pure creativity—all the technical details become unimportant. In a world where “standard definition” (vs. HD) has become a pejorative term, this presentation will give you an excuse to have fun making videos despite the desperate economy.

Phillip Kerman

Affiliation LLC

After an eventful 15 years of teaching, writing, and programming Phillip Kerman has had enough! Sure he programmed a bunch of games on MSN and a real-time cattle auction featured on NPR… but what does he do now? Still programs when he must. But his new gig is making anti-technology satire videos! Check out the (nearly 100) videos at