To Catch A Thief with Technology


Today mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones are getting smaller, more expensive and have higher data capacities, these factors make them prime targets for thieves. However, these devices have also become smarter, they have GPS, web cameras and other advanced technologies that allow devices to phone home and “tell on” thieves. Sometimes this occurs accidentally, other times it is intentional with software designed to catch thieves. In this presentation I will cover real stories of device recovery such as those that were accidental as well as real recoveries I have been part of, how we did it and how we worked with law enforcement to not only recover stolen devices, but also unveil larger theft rings and other crimes.

Ken Westin

Affiliation ActiveTrak Inc.

Ken is a creative technologist with 10-years experience in computer security, development, programming, design and marketing. As founder of GadgetTrak he developed GadgetTrak’s patented solutions for removable media and laptop theft recovery and leads product development, architecture and technology innovation. Ken’s research and development has been included in the Certifeid Ethical Hacker training materials and numerous publications, books and guides.