The Tzolkin Count Of Days


The Tzolkin, Mayan Spiritual Calendar , is a sacred tool the Mayans used to synchronize themselves with Natural Time. The Mayans perceived time as consciousness, and were aware of Natural Cycles. The Tzolkin is made up of 20 Sun Signs and 13 Intentions of creation that phase each other to make up a calendar of 260 days. Anyone can become aware of these energies and discover that life is a reflection of our inner self.

In my 5 minute speech i will explain the Sacred Tzolkin 20 day signs and 13 tones of intention, Mayan teachings, and how to align yourself with the sacred calendar.

Nick Krieger


Portland Musician who traveled to the Yucatan and Guatemala to learn about the Tzolkin Sacred Calendar and the Ancient teachings of the Maya. Met with the Shamans and traveled to Tikal Pyramids, while performing Mayan Fire Ceremonies.