Dr. Seuss and his Secret, Evil Mind-Control Plan: A Cautionary Tale


The information we feed our children’s developing young minds is as important as the food we choose for them. For the last four years, my wife and I have navigated a sea of children’s content, sometimes stumbling upon hidden gems, often enduring bad, stilted verse, and frequently being infected with the most vile of children’s-music ear-worms. We took notes.

All too often, reading between the lines in our children’s books and videos, we found not-so-well-concealed agendas, and attempts to politicize, indoctrinate, and market to our kids. Here are the highlights, shockers, and funny bits, plus some tips to help you avoid pitfalls as you prepare to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of media.

Gene Ehrbar

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Gene Ehrbar is a founding partner in Portland-based Anomaly Incorporated, as well as a programmer, father, frequent guitar abuser, and skier. He and his wife Nicole live in Southeast Portland with their twin four-year-old boys and color-matched cat and dog. Gene is full of opinions. Don’t get him started.