Why We Rock


People need to know their own story if they are to know where they came from, where they are now, in order to know who they are, in order to be as powerful together as they can be.

This gorgeous visual presentation will tell us more about why this city of people is becoming an increasingly extraordinary place among places. From our guerilla-style reclamation of the old Meier & Frank parking garage, when we painted the entire block-sized rooftop during the fight to create Pioneer square, to the success of dozens of local initiatives, this presentation will leave people amazed at who this city is now, and who we are becoming.

Mark Lakeman

Affiliation The City Repair Project
Website http://cityrepair.org/
  • Life long Portlander, attended Chapman and Lincoln.
  • Father principal activist who fought for Pioneer Square, who
    inspired/indoctrinated me into public space activism.
  • Co-founded the multi-disciplinary Art & Cultural “Last
    Thursday House” in 1990, which held monthly art fusion
    events until 1999.
  • Initiated/founded The City Repair Project in 1996, and
    created the “intersection repair” concept in 1996, the
    T-Horse mobile public space in 1996, co-initiated the
    Village Building Convergence (VBC) in 2001.
  • Founded Communitecture in 1998, the activist community &
    ecology architecture and planning firm.
  • Travel across the world now giving presentations on
    community organizing, insurrectionary public place-making,
    and many other themes.