The Communities We Build; and how they save lives


Community resilience and empowerment. Why investing in communities (physical and virtual) can minimise harm and save lives during crises.

Plus a bit on the psychology of disasters.

Liz Argall

Affiliation Freelance Writer

Liz carves out a diverse career as a freelancer; frequently working in educational comics as a writer, project manager, and talent scout. Her creative work has been published in a broad range of publications, most recently in The Pedestal Magazine and Tango Comics Anthology.

In a past life Liz worked with the community sector back in Australia on emergency peparedness, response and recovery. She spent a lot of time looking at ‘non-standard events’ such as pandemics, bushfire, flood and loss of utilities in the context of homeless people, young people, elderly people, indigenous people, people with disabilities, people from non-english speaking backgrounds and the often small community organisations that provide important services to these people.