How to become a Spokesperson in 3 easy steps


I am a die-hard entrepreneur. I love working like a dog, being my own boss and doing things the way I think they should be done. I run a rockstar green cleaning company in Portland called Sparkling Palaces. Being the giant cleaning dork that I am, I saved up my money and flew to Chicago in Oct 2009, to go to the ISSA/ARCSI Cleaning Convention. A convention for people – you guessed it – crazy about cleaning. The best thing I walked away with: a free spray bottle that cleaned with water. WHAT?! Cleaning with water it doesn’t take a Forest-Park-hiking-hippie to know that it doesn’t get greener than that. So after much field testing, I decided that if Bill Nye the Science Guy said the technology was legit, I would adopt it for my business … but that’s not all. I decided that this sprayer was so revolutionary, I would film a video of myself in my kitchen talking about the sprayer and send it to the marketing director of the company and convince the company I should be their new spokesperson. My friends thought I was crazy; they kept asking me if I had entered a contest, or if I’d even asked the company if they needed a spokesperson. Imagine their surprise when the marketing director of the company LOVED my video and wanted to discuss my contract! As of 1/23/10 I am in the process of negotiating the deliverables for my role as a spokesperson for a chemical-free cleaning company. I fully expect to be offered the job. :) Come along for the ride! At the very least, hear the exciting tale about how you can love a product and pitch yourself as the next spokesperson for that product in three easy steps … I did!

Amy Boggs

Affiliation Sparkling Palaces - Immaculate Green Cleaning

I run a Green Cleaning Company in Portland called Sparkling Palaces. I got the crazy notion to start a cleaning business when I was working at Borders back in 2002… so before I quit, I read every book I could find about cleaning and stuck out on my own, vacuum in tow. Fast forward 7 years, I have three Sparklers working for me sparkling palaces and offices all over Portland and Lake Oswego. We are on the fast track to becoming a million dollar cleaning company in three years, thanks to my very ambitious goals and my dedication to our mission. We hope you’ll find it true: We make every person involved with Sparkling Palaces feel like the most important one. Yours truly, Amy Boggs.