"Art and the Post Mortal Body"


It seems humans have been making art for (and with, and about) the bodies of our dead for, well, practically since the first humans started dying! Sky burial, Death Masks, Dinners for the Dead, Musical bones, Death Portraits, Burial Shrouds and more… See, hear, remember,and be inspired by “Art and the Post Mortal Body”,with Marian Spadone.

Marian Spadone

Affiliation A Fine Farewell
Website http://www.afinefarewell.com/

Marian Spadone is a passionate advocate for reclaiming and securing the rights-and rites-to care for our own Dead. She’s an educator, presenter and ceremonial priestess who would like nothing more than to see folks putting the “Fun” back into Funerals! (She secretly thinks it would be fun to call herself the ‘corpse whisperer’ but is afraid some folks just might not get the joke…)