How to Write Sketch Comedy


Bob and Scott will provide instruction on how to write sketch comedy from brainstorming a premise, putting it through its paces with improv and finding the right POV for the sketch to setting up the jokes, finding the characters and knowing when to drop the curtain. They will do this without the benefit of a licensed pyrotechnican or pants.

Scott Rogers and Bob Ladewig

Affiliation Curious Comedy Theater

Bob Ladewig has been writing, directing and performing improvisational and sketch comedy since 1997. He studied and taught at all of the fancy-pants comedy theaters in Chicago such as the iO, Second City, ComedySportz and the Playground Theater. He has directed several critically acclaimed shows including Cathcart & Olson, 37 Foxtrot, The Panic Broadcast, Husband & Life, and directed and adapted the beloved kids’ show The Stinky Cheeseman. In 2007, he help open Portland’s Curious Comedy Theater on MLK Boulevard where he is one of the main stage players. Off-stage Bob has written content for video games and appeared in many commercials. He’s a very handsome gentleman.

Scott Rogers is a technical writer, social media junkie, actor, standup and improviser that’s been telling stories for as long as he can remember. He is a 2008 graduate of Portland Actors Conservatory where he appeared as a fat Julius Caesar, a fat effeminate artist, a fat physicist clown and a fat angry Italian. In 2009, he formed the Montgomery Street Players with other Portland Actors Conservatory graduates to produce “Stay for the Cake,” a series of one-act plays. His writing has also appeared on stage at Milagro Theater, CoHo Theater and Curious Comedy Theater where he is also a main stage player. He’s also a handsome man, but with better hygiene than Bob.

Bob and Scott insist they are under no court appointed supervision, and under no legal compulsion to provide any community service in most parts of Oregon.