Can you survive on $40 a day?


What if? What would happen if all of a sudden you had to live on $40 a day? In this presentation, I’ll share my humorous survival plan for tough times.

You’ll find out how to keep up appearances, where to live, what to eat, how to stay fit, what to wear and much more. All your concerns will be addressed. And yes, I’ve done a budget. It IS possible!

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll squirm. You’ll think.

Denise Rothman


Denise Rothman is a creative director, graphic designer, entrepreneur, cartoonist and former radio announcer who designs iPhone apps and creates board, dice and card games that involve people competing to get dogs to do stuff. She’s passionate about making things fun by incorporating humor, concept, visuals and writing.

Famous quotes: “I believe flossing in public should be a crime – pulease, I don’t want to see last week’s lasagna on your string.”

“My dog is better behaved than your kid and she doesn’t pick her nose.”